Sunday, January 01, 2006

so broke... and other musings

i'm so broke these days. my relationships couldn't be richer, or more vibrant, but i fear that i will eventually sell my body and soul to god or satan or someone who will destroy it. that will be the end of any riches, figurative or tangible. why do bad things happen to good people, or maybe, how do i work myself out of this hole? the world just ain't fair. but sometimes i can laugh... i shout 'da capo!'—back to the beginning... i'll make the mistakes all over again... anything less would be ungrateful to my present, to my past and future. i will triumph... but how? somehow. anyhow. a little self-flagellation and depravation would certainly be in the development of the false ascetic.
I've been reading Walter Kaufmann's Critique of Religion and Philosophy. Good stuff. Kaufmann first came to my attention as the great translator of Nietzsche's works. This is what really attracted me to this book, this great Nietzsche scholar writing on Philosophy and Religion, perhaps two of the most important topics anyone interested in truth can attempt to tackle. At this point, I can really only comment on Kaufmann's critique of philosophy, which he sees through the division between analytic and existential thinking—what might today be reduced to analytic/British philosophy and Continental/19th & 20th Century European Philosophy. For him, both modes of thought are lacking each other in philosophy today. The existentialist lacks the thrust of analysis that would enable her to better understand experience, while the analytic lacks touch with what the human actually experiences and so risks being irrelevant.

I think the book attempts to be a critique in the Kantian sense, exploring the limitations and possibilities of philosophy and religion. So at least immediately, though it does attempt criticism in both these fields, the criticism is within the framework of what is possible for these two fields of knowledge. An interesting idea, that explores the nature of belief and possibilities of knowledge. Or at least, this might be one way of looking at what is at work here.
So reading is sometimes able to distract me from concerns regarding the sustainability of material comforts. But how long will that last? Hopefully just long enough for me to find a million dollars and all the time in the world. Anything less than that will certainly be closer to reality. But something will work out. It has to. What are my options? Death, destruction, failure? FUCK NO! Not today, thank you kindly.


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Let said...

After the holidays, we all are broke. A persistent state of "being broke" however, that's another issue.

Thanks for the tip on the book. I was interested in reading something on philosophy and religion, and will probably be using my day off to spend it at Barnes and Noble tomorrow. I keep running into these books that were obviously written by people who were abused by nuns with huge rulers or something so if you have something better, throw me a clue.

At 1:09 AM, Blogger Syd Dangerous said...

i candy.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger matthew said...

Books about religion written by those abused by obsessive morality come pretty close to the truth of religion these days. Good to know that some recognize that there may be something beneath that surface... candy, perhaps?


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