Friday, January 20, 2006

back in nyc

been looking for a job lately. not a fun adventure, but i did make it in to see the nice folks at another temp agency, hoping they can help me out. after completing all their paper work and rocking their tests, i asked, 'how quickly can you find me something?' i was told, amongst other things, that i should 'just pray.' that doesn't inspire much confidence. i had also corresponded with a great coffee shop right here in the east village, who seemed somewhat interested in hiring more help. after visiting, they still seem interested, but not eager to flood their staff with another barrista. *sigh* what's a boy to do? i'm getting impatient and i really need to have some cash flow for the finances. maybe praying is my only option.

i took a new route to the grocery store last night and saw a sign looking for help at another, less hip looking cafe nearby. maybe they can help me. i'm eager to find out, but i'm so loathe to even change out of my pajama's to go find out. still, it must be. wish me luck.


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