Tuesday, November 15, 2005

dogs make me lonely

frequently these days dogs have been touching me quite sentimentally. such a loving, affectionate animal prompts my memory of days spent with loved ones.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

syd dangerous

Syd Dangerous
write a paper for me on angelo as hero/victim in measure for measure please.
i'd appreciate it

Matthew Johnson
a victim can never be a hero
that's the paper

Syd Dangerous
well, my argument and paper is going to suggest the opposite, or rather, the paper you're going to write for me since i have to go to work in 1 hour

Matthew Johnson

Syd Dangerous
you just keep laughing. when i come home and there's not a word document in my electronic mailbox i'm going to find you.

Syd Dangerous
i found the most high tech microwave in the trash
it has a 'chicken defrost' button and then you enter how many pounds you have
and it actually works quite well

Matthew Johnson
can it write a paper for you about heros and victims?

Syd Dangerous
sure, but it will be for my personal reading pleasure rather than any academic use
(well, it might inspire my writing)
if you do i will make citations to your work

Matthew Johnson
i think there is a button on your microwave to do this
you should look

Syd Dangerous
it doesn't do mla :(

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

magic pen

if you had a magic pen, what powers would it possess?

my magic pen, when i touched it to someone, would allow me access to their thoughts and motivations. this isn't like getting someone's point of view—a point of view can always be false and i don't care to quibble with others over the validity of their perspective—but would rather receive access to the truth that others embody.

...and my magic pen would shoot fire balls with the flick of my wrist.