Thursday, October 27, 2005

bar experience

after a miserable class that i nearly walked out on out of sheer disgust, i went to the bar with my fellow classmates to bitch and moan... but also to chat about life, the universe and everything. few things stimulate good conversation in this frigid weather like a glass of merlot. except maybe a glass of shiraz, but bars don't seem to offer that by the glass around here.

me: i'll have a glass of wine

bartender: this is a bar...

me: i understand that

bartender: so, you kinda need to order something. you can't just walk in and drink our water.

me: uh-huh...

she goes to get me a glass of water. at this point, i realize she mistook 'wine' for 'water.'

me: i actually ordered a glass of wine...

she laughs and i smile indignantly, but leave a fair tip anyway. as i approached the bar for my third glass, she said, 'cheers! this ones on the house!"

a decent night.


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