Sunday, September 11, 2005

breakthroughs and illuminations
twinkle in my eyes
now bedazzled
these eyes carry me to soar
beyond the heavy darkness
whose shackles be damned
peace be with the gracious ones
whose light calls us hither

an evening stroll...

weight. confusion. discontent. i put my book down, unable to concentrate and set out to clear my head. the streets are full of light merry makers and i wonder if i stand out... can they feel me dragging them down? i begin to realize—too slowly for me to understand at the time—it isn't my gravity that will pull them down, but their levity that will elevate my soul. the cool breeze. the cheerful voices. the gay men carrying each other down the sidewalk. the bum elated to find a garbage bag full of the days unsold donuts. and what's this? on top of her shoulders, in a pfiefen-esque pose is none other than pfiefen's timid twin. they must have been separated at birth. i stopped and debated asking her if i could hold him. but she looked too interested in her donuts and i was too shy to pose such a silly question. i continued on my way.

but now i'm back home. now i'm alone. now i wonder how to effect my flight.

Monday, September 05, 2005

the haircut

let me hide mine eyes
behind this dusty brim
whose faded red may seem
reminiscient of days
spent in the sun

and from beneath my veil
please ignore the cries
of every hair cut too short
every curl missing his gusto
every mystery unadorned

Sunday, September 04, 2005

i mopped the floor today.

tomorrow's aspirations: write something creative. finish reading large portion of work load for next week. clean the bathroom.

so much has been happening this week, i've really been quite busy with work, starting school and getting settled. i certainly have a full plate. i feel capable. it feels good.

for those of you wondering what the hell has happened to me, i have just been really jazzed and busy, ending my days feeling exhausted, but (almost) satisfied. satisfaction would be giving a kiss good night to my sweetheart.

and if you're wondering what i think of new york subways: cesspool. but christ. how convenient!

and if you're just dying for a picture of luna the wonder cat...